on 20/09/2015 by admin


To accept or not to accept, the job offer dilemma

There you are, at the end of a job search, perhaps it was a tedious process and you feel like you’ve scored a goal finally getting that job offer. Perhaps you are already in a job and just happened to see something that sounded interesting and suddenly the job is yours if you want it. The ways to a job offer are many, but they all lead up to that inevitable question, should you accept?


Not everybody leaves a job because they are unhappy, sometimes it is simply because they find something more aligned with what they want in life. If you find yourself weighing your current job against one offered, here are 5 aspects which can help you analyze if you should accept or not.


How does the new job fit into your overall career plan? If you have a certain goal in mind, such as where you would like to see yourself in 5-10 years, does this new job take you a step closer to that goal? Does it add something to your experience and knowledge that will make you more attractive in the job market further on? Sometimes when we feel blind about the situation we are in, it helps to look at it from a larger perspective.


What is the situation of your current employer? Do a health check of the company you are in. Is it a company that is growing or is it a company that is going through difficult times? In companies that are cutting down or have restricted finances there might be less opportunities to develop and advance your career in the near future.


How satisfied are you with your current job? Do you feel fulfilled and sufficiently challenged? If you have concerns, have you raised them with your superiors and given them a chance to rectify the situation? Sometimes there are many things we are happy with but still have things that bother us that we believe could be better. If you have done everything in your power to maximize the potential of your current situation but things are not as good as you would like them to be, perhaps it’s time to move on.


Are your personal values aligned with those of the company you are working for? Or are you facing having to act in conflict with your beliefs or standards? Are you comfortable with the company culture where you work or do you find yourself consistently frustrated with things that cannot easily be changed, at least not by you? At times it is not so much the job in itself you need to compare but the context within which you perform it.


Which job best suits your personal situation the way it looks today? Perhaps you took the job you are in a few years ago and now your personal situation has changed. Look at your life as a whole and think about what is most important for you right now. Is it that the job has flexible hours? Are you under financial pressure so monetary rewards suddenly weigh heavier? Our needs change over time so evaluate the jobs based on your priorities the way they are today and the near future.


Hopefully by giving these things some thought it will become clearer what the right decision is. If you still don’t know what to do, I’m always available to challenge your assumptions!